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Is being greedy bad?

The phrase “what a greedy person, even after death he will take it with him” is frequently heard in our society. Human nature makes us greedy for anything valuable. Perhaps other animals also have this nature. Is it terrible to be greedy or greedy, as in the aforementioned proverb?

According to psychologist Gopal Dhakal, “having too much desire for something is bad, but positive greed leads a person to the path of progress.” Around us, there are many individuals who, driven by greed, are moving forward.

Having negative desires is detrimental. You may also enter the realm of crime as a result. Despite the fact that it contributes to the development of the desire for progress and progression, there is a propensity to argue that greed is a negative force in society.

What type of individual is more avaricious?

According to psychologist Dhakal, greed is a human attribute; some people have it more than others. “If there is less greed, a person is happy with what he has; if there is more greed, a person can get to the point where he cannot tell right from wrong,” he claims.

Is greed truly a sin?

You are taught since childhood not to be greedy, yet if you don’t have greed, you can’t succeed, once stated Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. A person cannot feel his wants and can not perceive any forward motion. When a person is constrained by what he has, it is only limited in the physical realm.

It is impossible to be creative. One becomes the best when they are driven by desire.

A person without greed has no attraction for anything, according to psychologist Dhakal. According to him, love and infatuation are not necessarily bad because greed also produces them.

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If you see a lovely flower but do not want it, you will not be motivated to acquire it. This implies that desire for anything—be it material prosperity or intellectual advancement—is what drives people to work so hard to obtain it, according to Dhakal.

Greed is a chemistry-based game.

The chemical game of greed in the brain has also been validated by science. According to a Harvard University study, the neurotransmitter dopamine makes people more greedy. Dopamine releases make people feel good about something, according to studies. The better it feels, the more dopamine is released.

Dopamine in the body might make you long for the same dimension once you have already experienced money, prestige, and honor.

Greed is inculcated from a young age.

Greed is not a natural trait. According to psychologist Dhakal, parents teach their children lessons as they mature after birth. Food should be stored, not thrown away, as has been the case since childhood. Teaching them not to spend too much money and that they would need to work tomorrow to buy things is also a sort of greed, he claims.

According to him, it will be evil if greed outweighs need and causes harm to others. The body’s dopamine system has the power to make you crave the same dimension repeatedly.

Greed over necessity

In Nepali, there is a saying that goes, “Greed is gain; gain is lamentation.” It indicates that a person would fall because of their excessive greed or desire for things beyond what is required.

The main cause of crime and corruption is avarice. According to Dhakal, selfishness and greed are more to blame than required for social distortions, bad incidents, and violence.

Politics itself demonstrates how far the legs have been stretched. People get envious of one another out of a desire for position, power, and wealth. According to Dhakal, corruption seems to be present in every aspect of life today, resulting in more loses than gains. which is discernible as a result of greed rather than necessity.

Greed is a factor in mental illness.

The Buddha once remarked, “Gathering only what you want will make you sad if you want more than you need.” You will never be satisfied if you try to have anything, even if it is unneeded and beyond your power to damage others.

Overindulging in desire is a sign of mental sluggishness. According to Dhakal, a person who lacks self-assurance, awareness, and patience has more greed than necessity.

According to him, such emotions can result in mental illness. A person becomes envious out of greed rather than necessity. He cannot be like him and cannot accept the advancement of others. This only makes him angrier and angrier,” he claims.

It may result in issues like despondency and anxiousnes


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