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Is Benisha’s relationship with Rima and Keki cold?


Actress Benisha Hamal was not cast in the movie ‘Kohalpur Express’ produced by Keki Adhikari. Actress Reema Bishwakarma danced to the same song. Reema became the host of a reality show called ‘Comedy Champion’ in which Keki was also involved in the production. Richa Sharma, who starred in the movie ‘Kohalpur Express’, became the judge. Benisha Hamal stayed away from the show.

Keki and Rima were not seen when actress Benisha Hamal was celebrating her birthday on Saturday. Instead, Khadka appeared in Barsha Raut and Swastima khadka. Looking at all this, it is natural to suspect that the friendship between Keki Adhikari, Reema Bishwakarma and Benisha Hamal, who made their debut in the film ‘Swar’, has turned sour.

Benisha, Keki and Rima always talk about their friendship. However, in the last few years, Benisha Keki and Rima have stopped playing in the team.

Actress Benisha Hamal left for Mumbai a few months ago to study filmmaking. After that, they stopped appearing together.

However, according to Wuzi, Benisha, Rima and Keki have not had a quarrel over their friendship. The director of the movie ‘Kohalpur Express’ Bishal Bhandari and the actress Benisha Hamal had a quarrel. However, Benisha may not have felt comfortable joining the last two projects.

Explaining the reason why Keki and Rima were not present on her birthday, Benisha said, “Many people ask me if I had a quarrel with Keki and Rima.” But, our friendship has not become cold. I haven’t celebrated my birthday myself in 5 years. Friends have also organized a birthday party on Saturday. ‘

According to Benisha, she will cut a birthday cake with Keki and Rima in a day or two. However, a few years ago, there was a rift between Rima and Benisha.

Entering the film industry together from the movie ‘Swar’, these three actresses are now busy in the film industry in their own style. However, from time to time, their friendship has been tarnished.