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Is that Katrina and Bikki in love?

It is common in the Indian media to talk about the artist’s love. When artists are seen together in a place, the media starts talking about their love.

The love affair between Katrina Kaif and Bikki Kaushal has been going on in Bollywood for some time now. However, the two have not admitted to being in love till today.

It is said that Kaif got close to Bikki after he parted ways with Ranbir Kapoor. The love affair between them started after they went to a party together during last year’s festival.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Nayak Kaushal’s birthday on Saturday, Katrina wrote a status on Instagram and wished him well. “May God always keep your passion high,” she wrote. After Katrina’s good wishes, their love affair in the Indian media has intensified.