Is the Marvel ‘Cinematic Universe’ coming to an end?

February 2023, Scotland, Earth, a massive invasion is under way and the shape-shifting superhero Ant-Sheath is in danger from villains who can save the world. Not only Ant-Sheen, many of his other superhero companions are also in danger and we can do nothing to save them. Because of this film, his film critics and his fans have been attacked.

Film critics who have seen the superheroes Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man have been appreciative of the film and fans who have been eagerly waiting for the film are now disappointed. Yee hun ti superhero whose balama Marvel Cinematic universe ko sansar tikeko mere hoin fustako pani thio.

Many of us would definitely like to have a story-based film based on superhero characters, whose plot usually revolves around the battles of the bad and the good. Then enter all the superpowered superheroes, who are focused on stopping the villains and destroying the villain’s plan to end the film.

As you may be aware, the superheroes of many successful TV series and movies are actually comic book characters that have been adapted into movies. Jab yee film releah hunthe, tahey darshakle book hatahtma lene garte. You must be aware that Avengers Endgame which released four years back has created a box office sensation across the world as well as in India.

Launched ‘Superman’ Bat

Mathew Smith, head of the Department of Humanities, University of Virginia, says – The movie superhero character started with Superman.

Matthew Smith likes comic books. They say, ‘Pahilo superhero Superman ho. The superhero characters were created in 1938 by two American tanneries named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. It was published in Disney Comic Magazine. He became a very popular character in comic books and comic magazines.

Inspired by the popularity of Superman, there were many comic magazines featuring superhero characters. According to Matthew Smith, in 1939, Martin Goodmanale began publishing Marvel Comics.

Regarding this, Matthew Smith says, ‘There were two superhero characters in Marvel Comics, the human torch and the submariner. Yee was actually the anti-hero character. Means such a hero who had weakness. Then came the character of Captain America, which became a very popular character in Marvel Comics.

Then Jack Kirby and Stan Leiko Jodile composed ‘Fantastic Four’, Dare Devil and ‘X-Men’. Thus Marvel Comics’ superheroes have presented a new type of world. Matthew Smith believes, ‘If you look at Superman, he is an ideal character full of form and qualities. Visually his image looks attractive like the Greek god Odonis. Seeing such a picture, people want to see themselves like that. This is based on Marvel comic book, spider sheath, zinc superhero pani dekhin thaale.

Matthew Smith further adds, ‘Marvel’s superheroes actually deserve youth. Jasma is charismatic (unprecedented) power. Unlike Superman, these superheroes are not that perfect. His character is also a human weakness, due to which people are easily attracted towards him.

Comic books created the Marvel Universe, a world in which many superheroes came together in one world at the same time. Money is needed to make a film based on other characters. Marvel sold licenses to use the character to other film production studios, and thus Marvel Comics became more popular than Disney.

They also started making films based on Marvel superhero characters for television, but could not get the expected success. According to Matthew Smith, the reason for this is that Marvel’s characters are not well understood by the producers of the TV series.

mcu vs marvel cinematic universe

MCU stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the name of the franchise under which Marvel Studios has made 15 films. These films are related to each other through story or characters. We spoke to Lisa Lemon, who reviews the film for The Spool and Collider, a zinc entertainment website.

She says, ‘Ten years ago, when Marvel Studios’ first most successful film ‘Iron Sheath’ was released, there were many new ones. I felt that it was very innovative because it was full of humor. Completely fictional world satta, its story was related to the modern world and its social and political issues. Its story takes place in the fictional city of Gotham in Batman. Many things were brand new.

Five of the top 10 highest-grossing films in film history last year were based on Marvel characters.

Lemon says, the eleven-year period from ‘Iron Sheath’ to ‘Avengers and Endgame’ was the Golden Age for Marvel Studios. In the meantime, successful films like ‘Black Panther’, ‘Doctor Strange’ came. It is the highest grosser of all Avengers series films.

Lemon Thapchin, ‘Black Panther was first screened in 1960 and when it was remade in 2018, it grossed over a billion dollars and proved to be one of the most successful superhero films in the world.’


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