Jackie Chan appearing in the second series of the famous action film ‘A Legend’

Famous actor and martial artist Jackie Chan will appear in the second series of the 2005 blockbuster film ‘A Legend’. According to the Hollywood Reporter magazine, he is going to play the role of Professor Chen, an archaeologist in this series.


Directed by Stanley Tong, this film has won the hearts of the audience with a lot of action, mystery and fantasy scenes. Actor Chan and director Tong have previously collaborated on successful films like ‘Police Story 3: Super Cup’ and ‘Rumble in the Bronx’.

Actor Chan embarks on a remarkable journey through his character Chen in the film, discovering the connection between a recently discovered artifact and the mysterious jade pendant that haunts his dreams. On this trip, he gathers a group of researchers to begin an adventure to hide an artifact in the Glacier Temple.

Jackie Chan is joined in this sequel by talented actor Yixing Zhang, known for his role in Kung Fu Yoga, and Kauli Najha, who impressed the audience with his performance in ‘Police Story’ in 2013. Fans expect the film to be made with a budget of 450 million dollars to include attractive visuals and heart-pounding action scenes.



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