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Jaya Bachchan ignores Kangana

Jaya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan arrived at the screening of the film ‘Uchai’. During this, Kangana Ranaut was also at the venue. When Kangana and Jaya Bachchan came face to face The actress said ‘Hello Jaya ji’, but Jaya Bachchan ignored it. At the same time, Abhishek hugged Kangana.

Jaya ignores Kangana

Fans did not like this thing of Jaya Bachchan at all. As soon as the video came on social media, it started going viral. Fans started reacting. Divided into two factions. Koi Jaya Bach If someone was supporting Jaya Bachchan. Commenting on being neutral, a fan wrote that this very strange situation arose, where no one knew that after all how to react. On the other hand, when Abhishek Bachchan came to the venue, he hugged Kangana Ranaut and talked to her a little.


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