Just a few days before its release, Street Fighter 6 adds Denuvo support.

A mention of Denuvo anti-tamper systems being included at launch has been added to the Street Fighter 6 PC version’s Steam listing ahead of its anticipated June 2 release. Both Denuvo Anti-Tamper and a system that restricts the use of a single game key to five PCs per day are mentioned in the listing change, which can be found in the game’s changelog on Steam DB. Anti-tamper is a common method for safeguarding a game’s source code, and Denuvo asserts that it can guard against activities like reverse engineering that could aid in game piracy. It is not entirely a silver bullet because this has historically been easily avoided.


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The controversy stems from the problems some honest gamers of Denuvo-supported games encounter, particularly the performance degradation that has been linked to the anti-tamper systems’ inclusion. Although it is currently unknown whether these problems will appear in Street Fighter 6, the decision to announce Denuvo’s inclusion so soon after the game’s release will probably catch some players off guard. Denuvo products have been extensively used by Capcom, with support provided in titles like Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter Rise, and more. Older games like Monster Hunter World don’t use Denuvo, and Resident Evil Village recently received an update that removed Denuvo support.

Just a few days before its release, Street Fighter 6 adds Denuvo support. 2
Street Fighter 6 is thankfully a return to form for the fighting game series, providing new opportunities for both new and seasoned players to greatly benefit from the new, intricate mechanics and wealth of content. In our 9/10 Street Fighter 6 review for GameSpot, we stated: “Since Street Fighter 6 offers a wide range of significant features and modes right out of the gate, it immediately draws comparisons to its predecessor’s content-bare launch. It is a powerful fighting game of exceptional quality.”

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