Kajol says ‘one surprising thing’ about Shah Rukh

Bollywood actress Kajol has talked about actors Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit in an interview. In an interview with Zoom TV, Kajol was asked who is the most underrated actress. In response, Kajol said, ‘If we talk about diversity, Madhuri Dixit is an underrated actress in my eyes. Madhuri didn’t get that chance, for which she was ready.


In this interview, Kajol was also asked what she wants to learn from Shahrukh. In response, Kajol said, ‘I want to learn how Shah Rukh remembers all the dialogues. His memory is amazing. He has a photographic memory. Shah Rukh comes to the set and remembers everyone’s dialogues. I always wonder how he knows.

Kajol says 'one surprising thing' about Shah Rukh 2Kajol said, ‘I don’t regret doing any character or film till date. If I am asked to do any character today, I will do it completely differently from that time. Because then I was different, today I am different.

Giving advice to new girls who have entered the industry, Kajol said, ‘God has made you the way you are and even if you don’t make it the way you want, makeup is still lacking. But surgery is not an option. It’s fine if it’s your own wish, but you shouldn’t do it based on someone else’s advice.



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