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Kangana’s outrage over Maharashtra Chief Minister’s statement.


After the demise of Bollywood hero Sushant Singh Rajput, actress Kangana Ranaut is constantly in the media. Kangana has been alleging that Sushant did not commit suicide but was killed in a planned manner.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had requested for proof if anyone had any. He argued that the Mumbai Police was not capable of investigating the case.

After this statement of the Chief Minister, Kangana has become angry with him. Kangana’s team tweeted 3 on Saturday. Actress Kangana Ranawat also mentioned that she was shot three times around her house. He suspects that someone may have fired shots to threaten him.

Kangana’s team has written, “There is a lot going on to stop Kangana’s speech.” The movie mafia and the political mafia have joined hands in the issue of Sushant’s suicide. They know that Kangana is not afraid of any kind of threat. Therefore, Kangana, who is not afraid of death, does not need to do the slightest trick. ‘

Kangana’s team has also expressed outrage over the Maharashtra Chief Minister. The tweet reads: “The best chief minister in the world is asking to prove himself. Mumbai police could not even seal the place where Sushant died, but the chief minister, who is considered to be the best for the movie mafias, is asking the public for proof. ‘