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Kangana’s question to Bollywood worker: “Is it Sushant’s suicide or planned murder?”

With the demise of Bollywood hero Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of ‘familyism’ has once again come to the fore in Bollywood. As Bollywood does not value actors from outside the film industry, it is being commented that many actors go into depression and some resort to suicide.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has expressed her indignation by releasing a video on the issue. “Sushant was urging the audience to watch his film,” she said. The film industry did not give him a sense of belonging. A movie like ‘Chichhore’ doesn’t get any award, a nonsense movie like ‘Galli Boy’ gets an award. ‘

Kangana further said, “We don’t need anything from this movie city.” But why shouldn’t our work be evaluated? ‘

Kangana has questioned Sushant’s demise, saying, “Was it a suicide or a premeditated murder?” Outraged, Kangana has once again said that ‘familism’ is prevalent in Bollywood and commented that the work of other artists could not be evaluated.