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Kangana’s question- ‘Black Lives Matter’ by playing the advertisement of Fairness Cream, where does such courage come from?

Kangana Ranaut has criticized the Bollywood celebrity for playing advertisements for whitening products in India but supporting the US ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Before Kangana, actor Abhay Deol has also criticized this kind of character of a Bollywood actor saying that it is ‘hypocrisy’.

Speaking to BBC, Kangana criticized the double character of this celebrity.

‘Indian celebrities have been advertising all sorts of whitening products but today they are shamelessly supporting’ Black Lives Matter ‘, I mean, how dare they do that?
In our industry, black people are reluctant to become artists, they are expected to be white, ‘said Kangana. How suddenly they begin to realize that black life has meaning. Apartheid is deeply rooted and its commercialization hurts humanity. ‘

Actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Disha Patani, and Sonam Kapoor have supported the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.

Their past has been widely criticized for sponsoring whitening products. Kangana, on the other hand, has never sponsored such products.