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Kavina, a Nepalese artist in America, was honored by the American government

Nepali artist Kavina Maharjan, who has been successful in promoting Nepali art, culture, and costumes on the international stage, has been honored by the American government through an Arwad. Kavina, who succeeded in introducing Nepali original art and culture to the world in America, was honored with the American President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Especially in America, she has been performing Manjushree, Kumari dance, dances of various Nepalese tribes, and religious and mythological dances on stage. The US government has given such a gift out of respect for their traditional and disappearing culture.

She has been presenting the original art and culture of Nepal at almost every event held in America. She has become the first Nepali artist to receive the Live Time Achievement Award from the American government. Born in Lalitpur Khokna, Kavina has been living in New Jersey with her family. She has received awards and honors from the art field before.


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