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keki fit in lockdown.

During the three-month long lockdown, some artists were shocked not to be able to go to the gym. Not being able to go to the gym caused problems for the artist who has been maintaining his body regularly. Some artists keep fit by doing yoga at home.

Keki Adhikari lost 6 kg by doing 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of other exercises daily. Keki says – ‘I didn’t get much of a chance at other times. I lost 6 kg while doing daily yoga and exercise in Lockdown. ‘

Keki said that she also paid special attention to food. Actress keki adhikari was also accused of not being able to maintain her body. keki has made good use of the lockdown and has now cleared herself of the charge.

Keki will be busy with film work as soon as the government gives permission for filming. The work of the movie ‘Paradeshi 2’ in which he is acting has been stopped.


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