‘KGF 3’ will be made, shooting will start next year

Kathmandu. KGF franchise is not only a favorite film in India but also in Nepal. Its previous two serials also earned a fortune at the Nepali box office. Fans are impatient for the third series. The second chapter, which was released last year, earned thousands of crores at the global box office.

Since then it has become a transformative event in Indian cinema. It’s been a year since the release of KGF Chapter Two and production company Humbel Pictures has hinted that a third series will be made. It is said that the shooting of this film will probably start from next year.

A recent video by the production company captioned it, ‘The most powerful commitment ever made by the most powerful person is going viral and all for a good cause.’ The new update indicates the launch of KGF 3. It is written in the video, ‘KGF 2 took us on an extensive and unforgettable journey of the character. It played a role in breaking world records and winning hearts. Now the coming year will be the year of excellent storytelling

Director Prashant Neel has also said that the film will be released in 2025. But Yash has not given a formal response to the film after KGF 2. Recently, he is more focused on his personal work. On the anniversary of the release of KGF 2, the production of Yash’s new film is also starting from this month. Director Neil Chahin is busy with ‘Saalar’, which will feature Prabhas, Shruti Haasan and Sukumaran in the lead roles. It is said that Salaar will be shot from the end of this year.


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