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Kushma’s ‘Guleli ping’ style sticks

Ping, Nepal’s tallest model built by The Cliff Plc in its own resort complex, which is preparing to operate the world’s second tallest bungee, has come into operation from today (Wednesday).

The height of the bridge connecting Kushma and Balewa of Baglung is 228 meters, while the height of Ping is 248 meters above the river.

The ping, which is 12 meters high from the ground, is different from the ping made so far in Nepal. It is built in the style of a slingshot. Normally, the ping has to be shaken by others, but when the person playing in it sits on the ping, the machine pulls it from behind and leaves the hut, and the ping is crushed.

Kushma's 'Guleli ping' style sticks 1
Raju Karki, president of The Cliff Pralika, informed that high-security precautions will be taken in the construction and operation of Ping.

Karki claims that the high-quality rope used in adventure sports including rock climbing and designed by skilled technicians has become a model of Nepal.

Karki said that it costs Rs 200 per person to play ping pong.

The company, which has also built the world’s tallest swing and sky cycling, is expected to open other activities soon.


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