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Laprak covered by snow

Snow-covered shelters of April-May quake survivors in Gupsipakha of Laprak, near the April 25 earthquake epicentre Barpak, in Gorkha district, on Saturday, January 9, 2016. The snowfall coupled with the hailstorm has added problems to woes of the quake survivors, who have been waiting for reconstruction. Photo: RSS

Snow has begun in northern Gorkha. Locals said that there was frequent snowfall since Thursday night in areas including Samagou, Samdo, Larke, and Chekampar.

Local Trishala Gurung said that Laprak’s integrated model population was also being constructed in Gupsipakha. All the houses in the sample settlement are covered with snow.

The locals are happy that the farm will be good after the snowfalls. Now the locals have planted barley, wheat, and other cereal crops. They are ready to plant potatoes. With the snow, the cold has increased. The lives of the locals have become troublesome. The locals have not been able to get out of the house for daily activities. They are sitting inside the house on fire. Rainfall is also taking place in the lower part of the district.


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