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Manakamana Temple of Gorkha

Manakamana is the temple of Durga Bhawani (Hindu Goddess), located in the Gorkha District of Nepal. Manakamana means “wishes”. It is believed that Goddess Manakaman fulfills the wishes of those who worship her with a pure from heart. It is very true when someone wish something from the heart; it is fulfilled by God of Manakamana Devi.
Manakamana temple is situated at about 1300 meters at a top of a hill surround by a small village community of Gorkha. It is about 9 Km north-east of the town of Mugling and at about 90 Km West from Kathmandu city and East from Pokhara city.

The pooja thali should contain at least the following in a puja basket along with Pancha patro,

1. Abir (kumkum) for saubhagyaManakamana Cable Car Entrance
2. Kesar represents earth
3. Flower and Leaves
4. Dhup for Scent (Fragrance)
5. Diyo for light
6. Cloth (Basra or Dress) and mirror
7. Fruit and Foods for Prasad (Coconut and sweet deserts)
8. Bell for sound
9. Betel nut and Janai
10. A little amount of rice (anna, grain)



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