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What Men think about sex ??

Childhood and adolescence still view sex as a Teenage. This is why most young people entering Tinaj have different kinds of misconceptions about sex. Over time, we get older. However, for many of us, things about home-made sexual misconduct remain unchanged. We blindly believe in what we hear about sex on campus. But, you are now mature. Therefore, misunderstandings about sex should be removed immediately from your mind. So today we are discussing things about sex, which are very confusing.

Pregnancy while menstruating

You may have heard that you are not pregnant even though you have unprotected sex on certain days of each month. If you believe that you have unprotected sex, then you should know that you are going to the Danger Zone. While you are less likely to conceive during those special days, the possibility of having no pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections cannot be ruled out.

Having orgasm experience during sex

Everyone dreams that this will happen. However, in the real world, it is not practically possible. Not only sex, but many other things are responsible for orgasm. It depends on a lot more mental factors than physical. It is not necessary to have the experience of orgasm at all times.

Effective Effect of Preventing Withdrawal Pregnancy

Having sex without a condom can be fun and wild for everyone. However, no one recommends doing so. It is also a risky way to get out before the semen falls. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, condom use is a great way. It is likely that both of you have successfully adopted such methods. But, just a second mistake can be a big problem for you.

Bleeding when having sex for the first time

It is also misleading to think that having sex for the first time is bleeding. There is no shortage of people who believe in such a thing in our country. If blood is flowing from a woman’s vagina during sex for the first time, it is proof of her virginity. However, this is wrong. Many women do not have this membrane since birth. Some of them do rigorous exercise or tear during sports. So this confusing thing needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Men think about sex every 3 seconds

Many people think so but do you think to yourself is this possible? According to a study done by Ohio University at 1, men think about sex only seven times a day. Likewise, women think about sex seven times a day.

Do not have sex while hurting

There is absolutely no logic to saying that having back pain should not have sex. You can enjoy sex unless your doctor tells you not to have sex. If your back is hurting, you should try such a posture. So as not to put extra pressure on your back. You should not have sex in a car or shower. Because there is not enough space for your movement.

Having sex increases the chance of having a heart attack

Evidence of a heart attack during sex has not been found. Sometimes having sex can lead to a heart attack. However, science considers it a myth. To protect the person who has already suffered a heart attack. It may be advisable to abstain from sexual activity for 3 to 6 weeks.

After sex, the likelihood of becoming pregnant increases

As exciting as it sounds, in fact, it seems as unattractive. However, such people are not lacking in our society. Those who think this is true. However, the fact is that falling asleep after sexual intercourse increases the chances of pregnancy. Placing a pillow at the lower waist can also increase the chances of pregnancy.

Urinating prior to sex reduces the likelihood of STI

This myth is also factual and ridiculous. There is no scientific evidence that urinary incontinence is less likely to have an STI, or sexually transmitted infections. It is true that changing urine after sex varies with STI. Bacterial exfoliation expands after sex, which reduces the likelihood of post-sex UTI.

Having sex increases the number and quality of sex

This is also misleading. There is no guarantee that sex will increase in numbers and quality in a committed relationship. Good relations and good sex are different things. Just as various things are responsible for making a relationship smooth, so too are many things responsible for improving sex.


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