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Miss World Top 5 of Miss Nepal was entitled Anushka

Anushka Shrestha, who returned to Nepal after participating in Miss World, said that she did not have the answer to the question of why she could not get to the top five.

At a press conference held in Kathmandu on Monday, she said, “Even with so much effort, Nepal can raise the question of whether I should be satisfied with the best.” I have asked myself this question too. ‘

Anushka went on to say, ‘Looking at our presentation in Miss World, we were in the top five. I would like to know if there were some reasons. But if we had known that reason, it would have been easier for us next year. I urge the organizer to show that transparency. ‘

She told Miss World that she saw it as a festival. She said, ‘I found that we were all moving in unison. Seeing the positives of Nepal and Nepali, I think I could have gone to Miss World not once or twice a year. ‘

She said that she did not feel like competing every day until the final day. He said that every day, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the competitors of the new country. In Miss World, Anushka won the ‘Multimedia and View with a Purpose’ award.

Anushka went on to say, “When competing in all the countries of the world, we felt like losing somewhere. I was not the prettiest there, nor was I the tallest. ‘

Anushka said that after receiving the ‘Multimedia Award’, she gave a presentation on how she can handle Nepali love. Anushka said that she had experienced interestingness in every presentation. She said that she was happy to see the face when working under stress.

Anushka said that she was trying to make the best of her impact on the world beauty pageant. Last year, Anushka could not get the talk that the series Khatiwada received. In this, Anushka says: ‘The series sister gave me the best support. I was not particularly interested in whose discussions I had more. ‘