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Mistakes you shouldn’t make after threading.

Threading means removing unwanted body hair. Women visit the parlor twice a month to remove hair from the hands, arms, and around the eyebrows. Some even do threading at home.

However, in order to get rid of the pain and soreness that occurs after threading, young women make some mistakes. After this, they have to face various problems.

Not out in the sun; You should not go out in the sun after threading. There can be various problems when going out in the sun. When we remove hair from any part of the body, that area becomes completely sensitive. So you should avoid going out in the sun to avoid this problem.

Don’t wear makeup. ; This is the mistake most women make. If they have to go to a party, they quickly start threading and putting on make-up. This is absolutely wrong. This can cause skin problems. Therefore, make-up should be done only after 24 hours of threading.

Not wearing a finger; Another mistake women make after threading is that they keep touching the area over and over again. Doing so can be very harmful. Frequent touching of the threaded area can lead to infection, itching, or breakout.

Itching; After threading, the women begin to weave in that place. Doing so is even more dangerous. Even if itching, you should not do it as much as possible. If itching becomes unbearable, you should massage instead of doing itching. Wash your face with cold water and massage it by mixing aloe vera in rose water. By doing this, even the snake will die and the stick will not be broken.


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