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Most Gorgeous Anuska Shrestha Won The 2019 Title Nepal

Miss Nepal 2019

Kathmandu; This year, identity of Miss  Anuska Shrestha, Miss Nepal, is not merely linked with beauty only, and the manpower of foreign countries has now attached a beautiful feeling of contribution to their own country.

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At a large level of school in Kritipur, Tentle was organized by the “Miss Nepal 2019” on Thursday. Limited ‘Miss Nepal’ competition at Panchtare Hotel reached different places this year.

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This time, another feature was added to ‘Miss Nepal World 2019’ – 25th year of the program of Miss Nepal, namely Rajat Janti. Due to this, the organizer had to arrange tickets for audiences in large places.


Anuska Shrestha’s eyes tasted with joy when winning 25 competitions and winning the winner of Miss World Nepal. Last year, miss Nepali 2018 winner Shankar Nangla Khatiwada screwed a tears of joy in Anuska while making a crown.


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Why do not you tear the tears?

Nepal was putting Nepal’s determination to do something for Anuska, leaving the attractive job of Australia in Australia. Miss World Nepal’s Taj has given him an opportunity to show him something for the country.

Anuska Shrestha, born in Kathmandu, had reached Australia to get higher education five years ago.

Even though he was in Australia, he did not have any effect on promoting his talent. Anuska, 23, won the title of Miss Nepal in 2018.

Anuska was awakened by the Common wealth Bank, considered to be No. 1 in Australia. However, when she came to participate in this competition, she left the job. Many were urged to get involved in Nepal due to difficulties in getting them so good job again.