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Mother’s Day was celebrated by famous mothers, mama!

Mother's Day was celebrated by famous mothers, mama!

Celebs are born to women, just like the rest of us! America celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, and the internet was flooded with old-fashioned moms from the past as well as modern moms who were honored. Nick Jonas paid homage to Priyanka Chopra, their second partner after giving birth to Malti Marie. According to Chopra’s Mother’s Day IG post from a year ago, their child spent the first 100 days of her life in the NICU. Ms.

Tina was recognized by BeyoncĂ© via an Instagram post that featured her mother dancing backstage during the Renaissance World Tour. Even Taylor Swift recognized Mother’s Day and thanked her followers for turning the noun “mother” into the verb “mothering.” For some, Mother’s Day was filled with sadness. Billie Lourd discussed how her relationship with the day has changed in an Instagram post.


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