Movie ‘ए साथी सुन’ lyrical song released

The lyrical song of the movie ‘A Saathi Sun’, which is going to be released on the 5th of June, has been released. The song, prepared in sad version, includes some moving scenes of the film’s lead actor Barsha Sivakoti and Dewey actor Ramesh Baniyan. The public lyrical mind of the movie says that Hark Saund’s word composition and Ujwal Sagar’s music and voice can be heard in the lyrics.

Apart from Barsha and Ramesh, the film is a love story, thriller and comedy, and stars Ayan Khadka, Sushil Pokharel, Jayanand Lama, Ramesh Adhikari, Bimala Giri and others. Krishma Khadka and Ivan Sanjel also acted in the movie as child actors. ‘A Saathi Sun’ is also the last film starring Jayanand Lama.

Written and directed by Ram Raghav Acharya, the film is jointly produced by Bina Karki and Santosh Kumar Rai. Sudeep Paudel is the co-producer of the movie produced by Evan Entertainment. The movie is going to be distributed by RR Films.


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