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Naresh Khati’s fast song ‘A Ammai Mayakai Pirle’ released

The great festival of Hindu Nepali women, Haritalika Teej, is yet to come. However, Nepali artists have started bringing Teej songs to the market and some Teej songs have already come to the market. In the midst of Corona’s terror and captivity, Nepali artists are trying to bring fast songs to the market.

In this context, the popular folk singer and creator Naresh Khati’s song ‘A Ammai Mayakai Pirle‘ has been made public by winning the hearts of millions of listeners. Famous singer review officer and Naresh Khati’s own song has been composed by Naresh Khati. Dhurba Himali and Usha Upretiko, the most popular models of recent times, have acted in the music video of the song.


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