The Negative Effects of Screen Time for Adults and Children

Negative Effects of Screen, It has been 2 years since five-year-old Prabha Khanal started going to school. However, it is very difficult for parents to send him to school. He insists on taking his mobile with him before going to school.
Living in Maharajgunj, she has to be fed food and snacks at home only by showing her mobile phone, otherwise she will not eat at all. She doesn’t like to go out and play like other friends. She likes to watch mobile, TV and stay indoors.

Nishan Pandey, who is studying in Class V, always insists on watching cartoons and games on his mobile before doing his school homework. Until then, they are ready to do homework just by looking at their mobile phones. Similarly, you should not watch mobile phone or TV while sleeping and eating at night.

In this way, children are increasingly addicted to ‘screen type’ i.e. mobile, TV, laptop, TV and other screens. This results in their social, educational and communication backward children and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Kanti Children’s Hospital. Narrated by Utkarsh Karki. Dr. According to Karki, looking at screens including mobile phones for a long time can have an all-round effect on children’s development. Similarly, don’t use mobile phone during meal time and sleeping time.

According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the American Pediatric Association of the US government, children under the age of 6 should not be allowed to use mobile phones as much as possible. Not showing mobile TV to children under two years of age is mentioned as zero screen time.

Dr. According to Karki, when children spend time on mobile, TV, tab, laptop, not doing other activities outside the home is called screen time. Similarly, in the guidelines, it is mentioned that children under two years of age should not be shown mobile TV i.e. zero screen time.

He suggested creating an environment in which digital technology such as mobile, TV etc. will help in socialization and technology-related learning.

Screen time for children

Children under two years of age should not be allowed to watch mobile, TV, computer screens etc. Karki suggests. Similarly, he said that children aged two to four years should be limited to half an hour to one hour a day. At that time, at least one parent is sitting with him and watching what on mobile? Children should be explained about it. Similarly, if you try to explain it as a story, it will not have much negative impact.

However, if children under 6 years of age spend 4/5 hours a day looking at mobile phones i.e. screens, it can have a very bad effect on their growth, social development and speech and language development, he says.
Children should be directly monitored what games they are playing.

Children in the age group of 12 to 18 know more about apps than some parents. They may know more about what kind of apps and games are downloaded on mobile phones, what shows on TV.

Dr. Karki says, ‘There are only negative things in it, but children can find many positive things. There are also things like education, creativity, i.e. different types of activities. Parents should keep supervision monitoring what children of this age are watching.

Focus on creativity

Dr. According to Karki, children under the age of 6 enjoy creative things more than mobiles. Therefore, from the beginning, while feeding, playing, and forgetting, they should not show their mobile phones and forget about creative things. You should talk to the children without showing them your mobile phone while eating, for example, you should take them to the garden and feed them.

When children are more engaged in mobile phones, it is said that the parents forget about the children. It is not a good habit to let the child watch the mobile while eating. Dr. Karki says, “While eating, the child pays more attention to what is happening on the mobile phone than to the food.” At that time, they do not know about the taste of food, the color of food.” He suggests to feed children by concentrating only on food while eating.

Effects on mental health

Children become victims of insomnia after watching mobile phones for a long time. Similarly, Dr. Karki says that their eating habits, homework time, playing and sleeping schedules will deteriorate and they will become restless.
Children looking at mobile phones continuously for a long time for 4/5 hours can be fatal in future.

If children are exposed to a lot of mobile phones, they will not be able to develop properly mentally, it can cause the brain to become weak. Similarly, he said, the radio waves emitted by mobile phones can have a profound effect on the brain. In this way, children do not go out of the house when they hang on their mobile phones for a long time. He said that he is not interested in sports, which may cause problems in the future in socializing and socializing.

In addition to affecting physical development, Dr. Dr. Karki says. She said, “Children can use mobile phones for a long time and keep them close to their heart while sleeping, they should not be allowed to sleep under the pillow.” Which can cause problems.

Playing, learning

Dr. Karki suggests that children should be given an environment where they spend time playing and learning without giving them mobile phones. Children under 6 years of age should be taught to feed, teach and play along with story books. He says, “When children start tearing a paper or newspaper, the parents say why they should not tear it.” However, children of this age group who a


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