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Neha Kakkad will marry Udit Narayan Jha’s son

Bollywood singer Neha Kakkad discusses the cause of ‘Indian Idol’ nowadays. Because of this show, he has been discussed further.

She has also attracted viewers by conducting concerts in Nepal. Neha sometimes gets emotional by listening to the story of a contestant participating in Indian Idol. This show is a huge hit in India.

Indian media has written about Neha getting married on the set of ‘Indian Idol’ show. The show has not aired yet. The set also shows the family of the young man who married Neha. The family that Neha considers to be a daughter-in-law will be shown on the set.

News of Neha’s marriage began when host Aditya Narayan’s father arrived on the set with his wife. According to Indian media, Udit Narayan Jha and his wife will be on the set of Indian Idol in an upcoming episode. In this show, Aditya will link her name with her son to Neha. And, will laugh.

Udayanarayan wants to have Neha and Aditya’s wedding in Bollywood. But Neha never said anything about it.

Not only that, Udit’s wife, Deepa Narayan, has also started discussing Neha’s desire to have a daughter-in-law.

That is why some have considered this gossip as a part of ‘Indian Idol’. Because, with Aditya Neha, who is a host, it is often seen. Whether Neha will pair up with Aditya Narayan remains to be seen.

Earlier, Neha’s love was with artist Himansh Kohli. Neha was injured after the breakup.


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