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Nepali team TTUK in the final stage of the PUBG World Cup.

12 November, Kathmandu. Nepali team Trend To Kill (TTUK) has entered the final stage of the PUBG Mobile World Championship.

Among the three Nepali teams that have passed the selection process of the World Championship and played the tournament, TTUK has achieved the greatest success. This is the biggest success of Nepali PUBG. TTK’s Abhishek Singh, Suyog Mulmi, Vasant Gautam, Sandesh Pradhan and Rigden Bajracharya have brought this success.

TTUK, which is in the Ello Group, has entered the final stage by being the third among the 16 teams in the group. Despite having the same 214 points as Japan’s RC team, TTK has become lucky based on their performance. From this group, Malaysia’s Geek Team with 292 points and Malaysia’s Four AM with 231 points ranked first and second respectively and were selected for the final stage.

Three teams from Nepal have been selected for the first time in the third edition of the PUBG Mobile World Championship. Earlier only DRS of Nepal played. DRS has been selected for the survival stage by finishing sixth in Group Red. Another Nepali team, Skylights, has been selected for the survival stage by finishing ninth in the green group.

The group stage and survival stage matches are being held in Malaysia. In the three groups, the top four to eleventh placed teams will compete in the survival stage. This competition will last for four days from Tuesday.

Out of the 24 teams that have reached the survival stage, 16 teams will enter the last chance stage. The remaining 8 teams will be eliminated. In the final stage, 16 teams will compete and five teams will get another chance to enter the final stage.

For the final stage, there are 9 teams with top three teams from three groups and two directly invited teams. The remaining five teams are yet to be decided. The finals will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 3 and 4, 2023.

The total prize money in the group stage is 250,000 dollars. TTUK, who came third in the group competition, has been assured of receiving a prize of 80,000 US dollars. The prize will increase based on his competition in the final stage. There is a total prize of USD 150,000 for the results of the final round.


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