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Nepali’s returning from abroad do not have to appeal to Hamal to go here and there.

Actor  Rajesh Hamal is now expressing his feelings and thoughts through video on social media.After the government of Nepal issued a new map of Nepal or whether it was about lockdown, Hamal made his statement through video.

He has welcomed Nepalis returning to Nepal from abroad due to corona virus through poetry.Announcing the video, Hamal said, “Every day, thousands of our Nepali brothers and sisters are returning home.” Let’s give them a warm welcome. ‘

In the poem, Hamal says, “She is someone’s son, she is someone’s daughter, she is someone’s father, she is someone’s mother.” Brother, sister, wife too. Whatever they are, they are not strangers. Whatever they are, they are their own. ‘

Hamal also questioned why Nepalis who returned from abroad after the terror of corona virus became foreigners.He greeted all Nepalis and appealed to welcome them. He has also urged Nepalis from abroad to return home.

Saying that they do not have to go anywhere now, Hamal has urged the Nepalis who have returned to Nepal from abroad to do something in Nepal.