Nepal’s Lalit Dhimal won gold in international physical competition

Lalit Dhimal from Nepal won 75 kg in the 13th South Asian bodybuilding competition held in Male, Maldives. He won the gold medal in the weight category.


In that competition, Indian players were second, fourth and fifth, while Afghanistan’s players were third.

In the competition to be held by June 24th tomorrow, Saturday, he will win the overall champion Mr. They will compete again for the title of South Asia.

A 3-member team headed by Vice-President Vakil Man Tuladhar Udas left for that.


According to Dinesh Rajbhandari, secretary of Vyhora Sangh, Dinesh Shrestha is playing the role of international judge on behalf of Nepal.

It may be recalled that Lalit Dhimal, the international gold medalist in physical fitness, was the overall winner in the recent Himalayan physical fitness competition held in Kathmandu and won a cash prize of 525,000.


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