Nepathya’s Australian tour started from Darbin

Nepathya has made a grand start of Australia tour from Darbin. Nepathya gave his performance at Darbin Entertainment Center on Wednesday.

The audience gallery was filled with a mixed crowd of Nepalis who had come to Darbin to study or live. The concert started with Nepathya’s latest creation ‘Bhatbhate’. After that, the popular song ‘Chhekyo Chhekyo’ from the early days of the band was played.

While singing ‘Lampate Surati’, the audience seemed to be moved by the memories of the village. While singing songs like ‘Bhendako Oonjaj’, ‘Jomsome Bazar’ and ‘Shirfool Shiraima’, scenes shot during the trip to the hills and mountains were shown in the background. It also took the audience towards Jomsom and Dhaulagiri.

“I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to walk through our beautiful hills,” said singer Amrit Gurung, “next time when you come to Nepal, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the same village.” Songs like ‘Talo Pani’ were presented.

There is a 13-member team including actors, technicians and managers in Nepathya’s Australia tour. As always, Amrit was supported on stage by Dhruv Lama on the drumset, Suraj Thapa on the keyboard, Suvin Shakya on the bass guitar, Niraj Gurung on the guitar and Shanti Rayamazhi on the Madal.

In this way, the Australian series of Nepathia, which started from Darwin in the north, will now move towards the state of South Australia in the south. At the Hindley Street Music Hall in the capital city of Adelaide, Nepathya songs will be performed on Saturday, January 28th. Nepathya was presented in that hall four years ago.

After Adelaide, Brisbane’s ‘Fortitude Music Hall’, Canberra’s ‘Meaning Clarke Hall’, Perth’s ‘Metro City Hall’, Sydney’s ‘Hordern Pavilion’, Melbourne’s ‘Forum’, and finally the band’s journey will be towards the end of Australia. On Friday, February 17, Nepathya will give the last performance of his Australian tour at the ‘Odean Theatre’ in Hobart, the capital of the island state of Tasmania.


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