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Niruta writes – ‘Bhuwan KC is a real hero for me’.

Mumbai-based actress Niruta Singh has said that hero Bhuwan KC is a real hero for her. Writing the status on social media, Niruta said, “I still remember that time in Darjeeling, when we sat together and talked about the hero and heroine of the movie.” In Darjeeling, the heroes we know as Nepali film heroes and heroines were Bhuwan KC and Tritti Nadkar. We were all fans of them. ‘

Niruta also mentioned that she never thought that she would be able to work in her debut film with the dream superhero. She writes – ‘I became even more a fan of Bhuwan kc after seeing the way he helped the new artist. I consider myself lucky for this. Thank you very much Bhuwan Dai for all your support and love. I will never forget your love and support until the last day of my life. You are a real hero to me. ‘

Actress Niruta Singh has praised Bhuwan saying that he helped her a lot when she was a new artist. Actress Singh made her film debut in the movie ‘Dakshina’ starring Bhuwan KC.

Recently, Nayaka Singh had acted in a song of the movie ‘Captain’ produced by Nayak KC.


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