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Nishan says, “singers should be greedy for good songs.”

Singer Nishan Bhattarai, who became the first runner-up in the first season of Nepal Idol, is now successful whether it is in the background singing of the film or in the modern song. The most popular song in her voice is ‘Ke Maya Lagchh Ra?’

The singer of this song, which is very popular even in Tiktok, says that he is not proud. Talking to online news, Bhattarai said that a singer should be greedy to sing a good song.

Asked why he thought of singing a good song when others sang it, he said, “It is wrong to think that I should have received it if others sang it.” But, I should have thought that I would have been able to sing that song. A singer should always have the hustle and bustle of singing a good song. ‘

Singer Bhattarai said that he should do a lot of work for many viewers and listeners who are saddened by the absence of ‘Nepal Idol’. He said, “I don’t feel very sad that I didn’t win Nepal Idol today.” But, I will do a lot for those who hurt me to win. ‘


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