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On Friday ; President Ram Kovind adviced to 16th Lok Sabha elections will dissolve:

President Ram Kovind

On Friday in Lok-Sabha election -“The Union Cabinet” will  contact on meeting at evening that adviced the certain problem will not to solve to 16th Lok Sabha nation election.

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While visiting that the program will be grabed a day behind the counting the number of votes for the nation election recommend in which the NDA is all set to retain power.

After the Cabinet’s recommendation is passed in the form of a resolution, President Ram Nath Kovind will dissolve the present Lok Sabha, the term of which is ending on June 3.

The 17th Lok Sabha has to be constituted before June 3 and the process to form a new House will be initiated when the three Election Commissioners meet the President in the next few days to hand over the list of newly-elected members.

After the meeting of the Union Cabinet, the Council of Ministers, which also comprises ministers of state, will meet at the South Block office of the prime minister, official sources said Thursday.


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