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‘Panel Discussion’, two plays are being staged at the Nepal International Drama Festival from today.

Kathmandu. The ‘Panel Discussion’ program has started on Monday, the fourth day of the Nepal Internight Drama Festival-2022. Two Nepali dramas are also being staged today.

On Monday, a dialogue was held on the topic of ‘Sadness of Nepali theater cut by Kathmandu: stage, audience or drama’ at the festival which is being held under the slogan ‘Theatre for social transformation: celebration of diversity’.

In which Parivan from Pokhara theater, Sonu Jayanti from Kalalaya Itahari, Suresh Sapkota from Butwal, Sijan Dahal from Kadam Theater Damak interacted with Heera Bijji Nepali from Karnali Art Center.

Two Nepali dramas are being staged

7\/gh’Nepali dramas ‘Khuwalung: Dhungako Bato’ and ‘Embryonic’ are being staged at the festival on Monday. Written by writer Rajan Mukarung and directed by Kiran Chamling, “Khuwalung Dhungako Bato” will be staged at 12 noon and 4 pm.

‘Khuwalung’ which tells the story of the stone standing in the middle of Saptakoshi for centuries as a history of Kiranti civilization.

Similarly, Nepali experimental presentation ‘Embryonic’ will be staged at 6 pm. Which is written and directed by Kedarnath Paudel. The play raises existential questions along with the conflict between heart and brain on stage.

Special workshop

A special workshop will also be held on Monday from two o’clock. A workshop is going to be held on the topic of ‘how to make the theater accessible for the disabled audience’. It is said that this workshop will be special to make theater more inclusive.


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