Paul Walker did not want to play in the ‘Fast and Furious’ series

Paul Walker did not want to play in the ‘Fast and Furious’ series

Actor Paul Walker, who starred in the Hollywood movie ‘Fast and Furious’, has passed away. But he is still remembered by many viewers.

But only Thoreau would have known, there was a time when he was hesitant to return to the film series.

After a decade of starring in the first and second series, Paul was asked to return to the fourth series of ‘Fast and Furious’, the Hindustan Times quoted an article in the LA Times as saying. At the time, he was more interested in spending time with his family than at work.

According to the published article, Paul had doubts that the audience still likes to watch the film. She was focused on taking care of her children.

‘The film we made earlier had a big impact on the younger generation. But the trend of any film changes with time, ‘said Paul.’ I found this film stale. So when it came to bringing me back to the fourth series, I thought they were joking. ‘

“Even nine years after the release of the second series, there is still an audience to watch the film,” he asked.

Producer Neil Moritz had to enlist the help of actor Vin Diesel after he failed to persuade Paul to return to the film. Paul agreed to act only after Diesel said that the fourth series would be the last part of ‘Fast and Furious’.

At the time, Paul was thinking of giving time to his family as well as running wildlife conservation and his own charity. However, he agreed to play the film.With the release of the fourth series of ‘Fast and Furious’, the film became a worldwide hit and a super hit at the box office. That paved the way for a new beginning in the series. After this, Paul also appeared in other series.

Actor Paul Walker died in a car accident during the making of the seventh series of the film.

The trailer of the ninth series of ‘Fast and Furious’ has been made public. Due to the Corona epidemic, the film is said to be released in 2021.