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Physical problems that can occur after forty

Our physical condition is not always the same. Adolescence is the stage of our physical development. During this period, the organs of the body continue to grow, change and become stronger. This kind of development slows down in the subsequent period. After a while, our body parts begin to weaken and weaken.

Especially after the age of forty, some health problems appear. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes. So after forty years, you have to change from food to lifestyle.

Blood pressure

Forty years later, we must be concerned about whether our blood pressure is right and balanced. Because blood pressure is likely to fluctuate after this age. Especially blood pressure is likely to rise. Therefore, after forty years, high blood pressure should be checked.

If blood pressure is elevated and ignored, there is a risk of other health problems. Such as paralysis, heart disease, heart attack, stroke and kidney related complex diseases can occur.


Sudden weight gain, mood swings, stress are the symptoms of thyroid. Especially after 35-40 years, women are at risk of thyroid. A blood test is needed to check your thyroid.


Cholesterol is one of the most common problems in humans after a certain age. Luxurious lifestyles and poor diet can lead to high blood cholesterol, which can lead to various heart problems.


Another major cause of aging is diabetes. Of course, many people have diabetes because of poor diet and changing lifestyles. However, the risk of diabetes increases with age. With diabetes, the immune system is weakened.

When the body cannot convert food into energy, it begins to lack insulin, which causes many other problems.

Breast and uterine cancer

As women get older, they need to be aware of breast and uterine cancer. These problems may appear after forty years. Therefore, people over the age of 40 need to be screened for breast and uterine cancer even if they do not show any symptoms or problems.


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