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Prakash Saput saying ‘story of revenge’ through the song.

The new song released by singer and model Prakash Saput on the occasion of Hindu-Nepali Women’s Festival has reached the trending number 2 on YouTube.

The song, which has been made public on Prakash Saput’s official YouTube channel, is popular among the viewers.

In the song based on folklore, the incidents of murder, violence and rape against women are presented through stories. Actress Keki Adhikari has played the role of a victim in the video of the song which has been presented in a dramatic manner.

Keki Adhikari in a scene from the video. She has played the role of a victim in the video.The song has music, background sound and mixing by Shyam Shweta Rasaili, which has become more standard than the viral songs released in the market today.

Viewers have responded that this song has touched their hearts. The lyrics and video making included in the song are catchy.

Apart from Keki Adhikari, Dhruv Koirala, Hiuwala Gautam, Arjun Acharya, Bhadra Kunwar, Sandhya Gautam Baral and others have acted in the video.

The video was shot by Anil Krishna Manandhar and directed by Prakash Saput. The song is called a traditional melodic folk song based on folklore.

“It’s not just a song, it’s an ax blow to the head of evil demons and rulers who can’t do justice,” Govinda Dhungana responded on YouTube.

“I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw this song. Sadly, in real life we ​​never get a chance to take revenge like this,” wrote Elena Dharel.

In the song and video, Prakash Saput tells the story of a woman’s revenge after her death. Viewers have responded that Prakash Saput’s height has reached even higher with this song.

Earlier, singer Saput’s songs like Maya, Galbandi, Dohori Batal and others were also liked by the audience. Saput’s specialty is to tell the story of the society through songs and music.


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