Prakash Saput says – I want to question the wisdom of those who oppose the song ‘Sakambari’

कानमा झुम्काना तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो
नाकको बुलाकी तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो
पाउमा लाको पाउजु
हातमा सुनको चुरा
तिमीलाई कल्ले किन्दियो…’

The song ‘Sakambari’ with lyrics, music and vocals by Prakash Saput is currently in the center of discussion. Some people are protesting this song as misogynistic while others are supporting Saput.


Some people are protesting on social media saying that the song has insulted women. Saput has established a character based on the name of the top character in the famous novel Shirishko Phool written by Parijat. But there is also an allegation that the portrayal of Sakambari is not appropriate in the song.

This song has been on the top of Nepal YouTube trending ever since it was released amidst accusations and rebuttals. This song has been viewed almost 5.7 million times. Saput’s previous song ‘Peer’ also garnered attention. Saput was opposed from the Maoist party’s point of view at that time.


While it is being discussed in Nepal, singer Saput is currently in America for a musical tour. Talking to Online Khabar, Saput said that he presented the song from a patriarchal angle and presented the reality of all areas in an ironic manner. Presented is the conversation of online journalist Vishnu Sharma with singer Prakash Saput:


How do you take the latest protest?

Whether it is when making a song or writing a Facebook status, such accusations and discussions are made. After the action, there is a reaction to it. But in an unstable and mixed society like ours, when the country and society are in a politically disturbed and pessimistic time, it is natural to discuss whether it is right or wrong in small things.

There is a herd that goes where the wind blows when it comes to opinions on social media. It is also said that if the next herd moves in the opposite direction, it will be more special than the others. Some of our things are different. The main issues are lightly salted and billed. The issue should be reduced to one thing, but due to the opposite winds, the issues are sometimes falling into the ground.

From the angle that some so-called feminists are raising the issue, they are also moving forward by only looking at Sakambari and her activities like patriarchal thinking men. In particular, through the character of Sakambari or Phoolmaya, we have presented the perspective of male characters that come to us when we see a beautiful girl and some ambitious women of today’s society. It is natural for people to get confused when so many characters are mixed and so many events are shown in a 15-minute song. But from the point of view of the subject, this is a very narrow view. I think this is a very poor art consciousness.

How did the concept develop before making this song?

It’s not that I didn’t find a character like Phoolmaya when I started. When I saw the people who came from the village and saw their life, modernity and good manners changed suddenly, I also judged those characters. Is it wrong or right? Even today, I have not been able to be clear about one thing, that is how right and wrong it is to be transformed by someone’s association and sponsorship, none of us are clear. That review is underway.

But when I raise a female character, do I question the man who sponsors her or not? To look back at that male character or not? When a man looks at a woman, the woman is also judging the man. In the song, I tried to cover the male point of view rather than the female character. Either I don’t know how to shoot an arrow here or people misunderstood, right now the wind is blowing against me.

Are you trying to say that the situation as shown in the song still exists in the field of entertainment?

This is shown symbolically. It is shown that he really wants to go into art. Times have changed now. It is more about how intelligent a person is and what kind of thoughts he holds than about certain areas or hills. This is not only in the field of art, but in every field there are people who have bad vision, and in every field there are flower lovers.

It is kept only to prepare the background. Just as in Peer, the background of war was prepared with the background of guerrilla fighters, so the background of art is prepared in this. If not, looking at the issue, it is an issue of perspective rather than an issue of films, music videos and songs. It is an issue of patriarchal thinking. It is the issue of violence faced by women. I think it should be seen in general.

It seems that the songs you have released recently have been involved in controversy. Why do controversy and discussion follow you?

Entertainment in the field of art is my profession. I work very little. I prefer entertainment, rather than mindless music. The effectiveness of the presentation can also be. If we say it organically, it would be like boasting. I don’t want to say that. I have been told this stale story many times, it is a very cheap story in Bollywood.

Even in Nepal, if you look at the story of the music video, it is shown as if a rich boy got married. These types of scenes that promote female character are shown in our films, stories and music videos. There can be two things, one is to insert a serious topic into a 15 minute music video and the other is the effectiveness of its presentation. My intention is not to make it controversial. From a creative point of view, there is a desire to have many viewers and be discussed.

Some people say that obscenity is mixed with art.

There are some scenes to clarify the story and characters.


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