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PRwali’s Lain Teej’s song, Twini Girls and Bale’s Dance.

There are only about a month and a half left for Teej to come. In previous years, there would have been a flood of new Teej songs at this time. This time it is not as bright as before because of Corona and Lockdown. However, some singers have started recording and releasing new Teej songs forgetting Corona.

Singer Anita Chalaune, who has made a name for herself with her song ‘Chah Na Videshko PR Chah’, has released her new song ‘Teej’ on Wednesday. She has made public the song of ‘Yasto Banos Mero Teej’ from her own YouTube channel. The song features chorus singing by Emerging Singer Review Officer and Benisha Poudel.

In the video of this song, you can see the dance of ‘Twini Girls’ Princy and Prisma  Khatiwada. He is accompanied by comedian Sagar Lamsal ‘Bale’. The duo of Sagar and Twini Girls has been playing a lot in the music video lately. Anita said by watching their growing craze and signing a music video.

The song has lyrics by Vipin Kiran and music by Deepak Sharma. The music video of the song has been directed by Gambhir Bista while the choreography has been done by Subol Thapa. Initially, the video is getting positive response on YouTube.


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