PSG suspended Messi for 2 weeks

Argentinian football star Lionel Messi has been suspended for 2 weeks by his club Paris Saint Germain PSG.

He was prosecuted for visiting Saudi Arabia without taking permission from the club. According to international media, if he is suspended for 2 weeks, he will miss 2 matches of PSG.

The contract with PSG expires after this season. The action was taken against him when the contract expired and Messi was waiting for the contract renewal.

Messi, who will not even be able to train at the club during the suspension, will not even get paid for this time.

According to the AP news agency citing sources, he asked for permission to go on a visit to Saudi Arabia. But the club did not allow him.

However, Messi went to Saudi Arabia to participate in a program to promote tourism. He is the official brand ambassador of the Tourism Board of Saudi Arabia.


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