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Even if you’re taking a buggy — and you have a baby or a toddler — then it is still definitely worth taking a baby carrier with you.

You can’t take your buggy into ­anything that involves a queue — which is basically everything — so whether it be rides, restaurants, live shows or character meet and greets, you need to park it outside.

Having a hot and bothered tot strapped to you will at least save your arms rather than holding them as the little darling wriggles about.

Also, if you take your own buggy it must be no larger than 36in (92cm) wide and 52in (132cm) long.

You can rent them near the entrance of each park for £12 ($15) a day, £24 ($31) for double strollers) but they ­cannot leave the individual park so if, for example, you plan on going from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom on the same day, then you will be charged twice.


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