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Rajesh Hamal thinks ‘Mahapoorush’ is excellent.

Kathmandu- Actor Rajesh Hamal has said that the movie ‘Mahapurush’, which is currently being screened, expresses the feelings of Nepali society and the story of generational transition. Reacting to the media after watching the film at darbar Cineplex on Monday evening, he said that the film was excellent.

The film is excellent. It covers the sentiments of every class and age group. While watching, the audience is easily connected’, he said, ‘It inspires us to look at the relationships and relationships seen in the film. I even became emotional at some places.

He said that the film shows the companionship sought in loneliness. We make superficial comments about age-based marriages. But loneliness needs support. Because everyone needs an emotional relationship, he said. The film’s writer and director Pradeep Bhattarai thanked actor Hamal for his response. We were excited that he was watching the film. We are even more excited that what we wanted to say reached him through visuals,” he said.

Actor Hamal openly praised the cast of the film along with the new faces Arun Chhetri and Anjana Bareilly. Madankrishna Shrestha, Harivansh Acharya, Gauri Malla, Rajaram Paudel, Rabindra Singh Baniyan, Shiru Bishta and others are acting in the film. The film shows the story of loneliness. Produced under the banner of Shatcon Arts Pvt. Ltd., the executive producer is Rabindrasingh Baniyan and the producer is Dipesh Khatri.

Shatcon Arts has earlier produced Tulkajung vs. Tulke, Jatra and Jatrai Jatra films. The film has Deepak Bajracharya’s cinematography and Mitra D Gurung’s editing. Poet Navraj Parajuli also made his debut as a lyricist in this film.


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