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Ram krishna Dhakal Couple divorced

Famous singer Ram Krishna Dhakal and his wife have been divorced. Singer Dhakal and wife Nilam Shah Dhakal were divorced in the District Court Kathmandu on Wednesday.

For a long time, it was reported that the relationship between them was not so good. A district court source confirmed the divorce on Wednesday. The Dhakal couple filed a divorce case in the district court only on Tuesday.

Judge Bidur Koirala’s court has ruled that the divorce should be terminated. It is said that the couple divorced due to mutual consent. Ramakrishna and Neelam got married a decade ago.

There was talk of a long-standing family dispute between them. There was even talk of singer Dhakal drowning in debt last time.

Ramakrishna, who is considered to be a singer established in the background, has been active in stage singing at home and abroad.

Apart from singing, Ramkrishna, who also acted in the movie Blessing, often models himself in his songs. He also modeled auction on a few videos.

There are dozens of songs of Dhakal who are in a financial dispute with a cooperative in Lalitpur.