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Rashmika Mandanna upset due to hatred and negativity spreading on internet

Trolls have opened a front against Rashmika Mandanna for some time. He is only spreading hatred and negativity about the actress on social media. Actress.She was upset for some time, but now she has shared the post answering everyone.

South’s star Rashmika Mandanna is ‘National Crush’. After ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, he has become well-known in every household. How fast her fan The following has grown after the film became a hit, which is really amazingIf seen, as many fans of Rashmika Mandanna have increased, as many haters have also come out in the openGoodbye’ fame Rashmika Mandanna is getting hate and negativity on social media these days. Users are calling them nonsense.Seeing so much hatred for herself on the internet, Rashmika Mandanna is a bit upset. Through a social media post, the actress spoke while replying to these users..

Post written by Rashmika
Rashmika Mandanna wrote, “Last few days many things are bothering me .Or rather, I have been troubled for a few months. I think I should openly talk about this now. I will only talk about myself which I probably should have done many years ago. I have been getting a lot of hate since I started my career Trolls and negativity are like a punching bag for me. I know very well that the life I have chosen comes with a price I also know that I cannot be liked by everyone. Not everyone can give me love. It also doesn’t mean that if you don’t like me then..You also have the right to spread negativity about me.


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