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Raveena says, “There is a lot of ‘camping’ in Bollywood.”

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of familyism and groupism has resurfaced in Bollywood. The idol of producer Karan Johar has also been burnt in Patna, India. In Bollywood, Karan has been accused of having the most familialism.

Bollywood actress Ravina Tandon has also made her statement public in this regard. She has said that camp games are very popular in Bollywood and she is also a victim of familism.

“There is a girl gang in Bollywood,” Ravina wrote. There is also a camp. People are made fun of. I was kicked out of the movie because of the false news from the protagonist, his girlfriend, the journalist and the people around him.

Many times a career is ruined, you have to struggle to stay here. Some can stay here, some can’t. ‘

While speaking the truth, Ravina has also mentioned that in Bollywood, it is false, crazy, psychic and the media writes it in big letters.

She said that Bollywood has given her a lot but the politics that takes place here make her unhappy.