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Real facts about sex

A man spends 5 minutes on active sex for about 5 minutes, and his body consumes about 8 calories.
A one-minute kiss costs 5 calories

The average American males’ sperm count decreased by 3 percent in 1979 compared to 195.

Various studies have shown that Americans are the most likely place to have sex in their sleeping rooms.

In the United States, 1 out of every 3 working men has sex with a co-worker.

There are 5 percent of people worldwide who have no sex with the opposite sex.

Viagra mill came into the market in 1959 as a drug for those who are weak in sexual ability. The mill was so in demand at that time that the pharmaceutical company made a profit of US $ 10 million in a short period of three months.

The main role of semen is in the offspring. But various studies have shown that semen protein also has the ability to remove or alleviate skin rashes.

Venus and eggs are needed to give birth to man. Millions of Venus are being produced daily in the body of an adult male. But in a woman, there are only a certain number of eggs.

When a daughter is born, she has about 1 million eggs in her body. But by the time it reaches adulthood, it is only three million. Of these, only about 1 to 5 eggs are hatched for fertilization during the female reproductive period.

On average, at 19.9 years of age, men have sexual intercourse for the first time.

Western countries are ahead of Asian countries in terms of sex. In Western countries people lose their virginity faster than Asian countries.

Statistics show that on average, people have sex every 3 days. To many, Americans may overturn this figure. But 1 percent of Americans who are actively having sex have sex only 7 times a week. According to data of 1, a massean used to have sex 5 times a year at that time, and when he arrived at 3 it had increased to 3 times.

During the course of sex, endorphin releases, which, like opium, gives a feeling of happiness. This endorphin works by itself as an effective painkiller. Probably this is the reason: Medical science has also shown that sex sports will reduce people’s headaches and menstrual pains.

During menstruation, ejaculation speeds up to 5 miles per hour. But when semen enters the vagina, it becomes very slow. It takes five minutes for a woman to pass a 5-inch cervix and it may take up to 2 hours for the sperm to reach the egg.

People who live active sex have also been shown to prolong their life. Having sex at least once a week reduces the probability of heart disease by 5 percent, the probability of diabetes by 1 percent, and the probability of a heart attack by 5 percent.

Some people find that after drinking alcohol they become more active in sex. In fact, that is true. Wine lust promotes sexual desire for both men and women. Wine is a chemical element similar to pheromones that arouse sexual arousal in humans.

Some of the ingredients in chocolate cause a man to have sex. To some extent, the effect is similar to that of Prakrida. Some experts believe that chocolate intake is more effective than prakrida when it comes to arousing sex in men.

An estimated 3 billion men use condoms each year.

The earliest use of condoms is attributed to the ancient Egyptians. They used animal bladder and intestine as condoms.

Condoms tend to be strong even when thin. An average condom can hold up to 1.5 liters of water.