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Review of the movie Ariyippu

Review of the movie Ariyippu,  is ready against the background of a manufacturing plant within the industrial sector of province. The film opens with visuals of the glove producing unit. we have a tendency to see many mannequin hands suspended on a moving chain automatically finishing tasks at every station. Similarly, the employees at the manufacturing plant also are expected to perform their given tasks automatically while not inflicting any bother. Hareesh (Kunchacko Boban) and Rashmi (Divya Prabha), the couple from Kerala, work the manufacturing plant. they’re terribly docile and don’t have a look for bother. All they need is to secure employment abroad and fly away to a much better life.

The couple’s grand arrange for a much better life involves a grinding halt with the eruption of Covid-19. And their life is thrown into disarray once Rashmi becomes a victim of a shameful video. It’s a case of mistaken identity and Rashmi must undergo an endeavor by hearth before she clears her name.

The film doesn’t have plenty of dramatic moments. All we have a tendency to get could be a series of suggestions that paints against the law scene, wherever the powerful ne’er misses a chance to go after the weak. No blood, fury or horror is visible to our eyes. But, the sufferings of the people that inhabit the bottom strata of society dot each in. of the frame. The pain, the shame and a way of collective defense all hide in plain sight. It’s for the audience to take away the cruelty of economic condition.

Director Mahesh Narayanan aims to attain a heightened sense of realism with Ariyippu. Divya Prabha’s performance because the victim of a malicious campaign is particularly devastating. Her reactions to the violence that she faces each reception and geographic point square measure thus original. Kunchacko Boban steps out of his temperature to play the role of a person who’s torn between trust and suspicion.

The movie’s conclusion, on the other hand, adopts an optimistic stance that contrasts somewhat with the remainder of the narrative. Rashmi’s decision to leave her only means of escape from the hard existence requires a tremendous amount of resolve and bravery. It is possible that Rashmi would choose ideals above her one chance at a better life because the movie offers no insight into her mind until the very end. It is challenging to process the abrupt switch.

Mahesh Narayanan’s first arthouse film is titled Ariyippu. It may be an homage to some of his favorite directors, such KG George and Padmarajan.


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