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Richa and Pramod’s ‘Chest tearing’.

Many songs included in the voice of singer Pramod Kharel are in the news. Many songs are also helping him to warm up the stage. Singer Pramod Kharel, who has made a name for himself in Nepali easy music, has released a song called ‘Chhati Chirer’ which is completely different from his previous songs.

Hari Lamsal’s music, this song with the words of Pramod has spoken the desire of love. The words of the song are composed of love, separation, attainment. Like the audio of the song, the video side is also excellent. This video is under the excellent direction of director Deepak Prasad Acharya. The video stars singer Pramod Kharel and actress Richa Sharma.

There is a feeling in the video that it doesn’t make much difference whether a person has a physical body or not. Some of the scenes used in the video have excellent connections to other scenes. The video of the song edited by Chandan Dutt and filmed by Arjun Tiwari is excellent. The climax of the video has taken the audience by surprise.

‘Chest Tearing’ is an excellent work of singer Pramod Kharel and director Deepak Acharya.


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