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Richa bought the app rights of ‘Cha Maya Chapakkai and Chakka Panja 3’.

A few days ago, producer and artist Deepak Raj Giri had informed that ‘Chakka Panja 3 and Cha Maya Chhapakkai’ is about to be released in a new app for the viewers abroad.

The audience was curious as to which app these two movies, which were not made public on YouTube, would be released. According to sources, the two films were bought by actress Richa Sharma Actress Richa Sharma is preparing to launch an app called ‘Movie TV’. A few days ago, some heroines even made a video congratulating Richa.

Richa is preparing to make this app public from June 24. The app has been developed by some investors in the US and Richa Sharma in Nepal.

Viewers will be able to watch the movie after downloading the app and paying some amount. It is understood that an advance of Rs 10 lakh has been given for both the films. If there is more profit than this, the producer and Richa will distribute the shares again.

The number of viewers watching movies through digital media has skyrocketed worldwide during the lockdown. Producers are eager to release digital without releasing Hall in Bollywood. How the viewers of the movie will see this app that Richa and his team are going to make public will surely be a matter of curiosity for everyone.