Robert Oppenheimer: When the maker of the atom bomb recited a verse from the Gita

Robert Oppenheimer,  When the maker of the atom bomb recited a verse from the Gita. It was the morning of July 16, 1945, and Robert Oppenheimer, sitting in the control bunker, was waiting for the moment that was going to change the world. About six miles, or about 10 kilometers, from that bunker, the world’s first atomic bomb test was about to take place in the misty desert of Hornada del Muerto, New Mexico.

The code name of that atomic test was ‘Trinity’, Robert Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer was tired. He was also nervous. By the way, he was always a thin person. But, after three years as project director of Project Y, the scientific wing of the Manhattan Engineer District that designed and built the atom bomb, his weight dropped to just 52 kilos.

Oppenheimer, who was five feet ten inches tall, looked very thin because of the weight loss. That night he could only sleep for four hours. He used to stay awake because of the cough that comes due to the worry of tomorrow and excessive cigarette smoking.


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